About Phil Goldsborough

I was born in the small village of Sadberge in 1951.My father was the village tailor, local Sunday school teacher and violin teacher. Sadly he died in 1952 when I was only 5 months old.

It was at the local primary school when I first discovered drawing and painting and spent lots of time as a child drawing. I remember seeing drawings of my fathers which he had done during his time in the armed forces during the war, these I’m sure have inspired me over the years.

After leaving school I studied catering at Darlington College and set off on a varied career as a caterer.

I married in 1972 and in 1976 our first son was born, both my wife and I worked shifts at this point and I cared for our son two days a week. It was during this time I started to paint using oil paints and an easel bought for me as a present. I painted mainly wildlife (unfortunately from books and not real life). It was a selection of these early paintings that I exhibited in Darlington in 1978 as ‘Painter of the month’.
Sadly the pressures of earning a living and if I’m honest the interest I had developed in growing and exhibiting vegetables and flowers resulted in my easel and paints going into storage.

In 2003 while running my own small business I had an accident which resulted in my spending a considerable amount of time over two periods immobile. It was then I started painting again.

My paintings are all of images that have caught my eye and that I enjoy looking at. The ‘Striking Images’ exhibition in Darlington Art Centre in April 2008 was a selection of paintings done from 2004 until April 2008.
I think my inspiration comes from the Impressionists and Post Impressionist’s and I still regard all my work as part of a learning process where I am experimenting with different styles but nature still features strongly in my work.